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What problems should be paid attention to in the operation of LCD liquid crystal display module

October 12, 2022

Latest company news about What problems should be paid attention to in the operation of LCD liquid crystal display module

 Today, I'd like to share with you some things about LCD screen........


The above are some of the matters needing attention in the operation of the LCD display module. We should pay attention to the maintenance of the display module in daily use in order to make it work normally.

  1. This display screen is made of glass, please do not give mechanical impact, such as falling from a height.
  2. If the display is damaged and the internal liquid crystal leaks, do not let it get into the mouth. If on clothing or skin, wash promptly with soap and water.

  3. Do not apply excessive force to the display surface or the connection area of the LCD module, as this will case a change in hue.

  4. The polarizer on the surface of the LCD module display is soft and easily scratched, handle with care.

  5. If the LCD module display surface is dirty, wipe it with a soft dry cloth. If it is severely soiled, wipe it with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol (alcohol) dampened with a cloth

  6. Other solvents can damage the polarizer, especially water, ketones, fragrances, etc.

  7. When installing the LCD module using the mounting holes, be sure not to twist, bend or deform it. Distortion can have a major impact on display quality.

  8. When installing the LCD module, do not forcefully pull or bend the I/O leads or the backlight leads.

  9. Touching the TAB of the LCD module may cause abnormal display, do not touch the TAB.

  10. Do not disassemble of the LCD module

  11. The NC pin should be left floating and not connected to anything.

  12. Do not input the signal if the power to the logic circuit is cut off.

  13. To prevent electrostatic damage to components, maintain a good working environment.

  14. The edge of the glass screen is sharp, handle with care

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