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What material is LCD display screen made of ?

February 1, 2024

What material is LCD display (TFT) screen made of?



LCD screens are mainly composed of the following materials:


Liquid crystal materials: Liquid crystal materials are a special type of organic compound that typically exhibit liquid fluidity at a certain temperature, while also exhibiting crystal anisotropy. The rod-shaped structure of liquid crystal molecules causes their refractive index to change with the rotation of the molecule's long axis direction, which leads to the birefringence phenomenon of incident light, thereby changing the polarization state and direction of light. #TOUCH SCREEN  



Glass substrate: The display panel of LCD screens usually uses a glass substrate, which is made of materials such as amorphous silicon or indium tin oxide. The flatness and transparency of the glass substrate have a significant impact on the display effect of LCD screens. #  TFT LCD 

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Conductive materials: In order to change the liquid crystal material, electronic components such as transparent conductive indium tin oxide (ITO) or transparent conductive indium oxide (ZnO) need to be added to the liquid crystal display screen. These conductive materials not only require good conductivity, but also high transmittance to ensure the clarity of LCD screens. (Visible high brightness display screen under sunlight)



In summary, liquid crystal displays are composed of liquid crystal materials, glass substrates, and conductive materials.


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