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What is the principle of LCD display?

April 7, 2022

Latest company news about What is the principle of LCD display?

1. Liquid crystal is an organic compound that exhibits both the fluidity of a liquid and the optical anisotropy of a crystal at room temperature, so it is called "liquid crystal". Under the influence of external conditions such as electric field, magnetic field, temperature, stress, etc., its molecules are easily rearranged, so that various optical properties of liquid crystals change accordingly. control. It is precisely by using the physical basis of this liquid crystal, that is, the "electro-optical effect" of liquid crystal, that light is modulated by an electrical signal to make a liquid crystal display device. Under the action of different current and electric fields, the liquid crystal molecules will be arranged in a regular rotation of 90 degrees, resulting in the difference in transmittance, so that the difference between light and dark will be generated under the power ON/OFF, and each pixel can be controlled according to this principle to form the desired image. .

latest company news about What is the principle of LCD display?  0

2. When the power is turned on, the arrangement becomes orderly, so that the light can pass easily; when the power is not turned on, the arrangement is disordered, preventing the light from passing through. Let the liquid crystal block or let light through like a gate. Technically speaking, an LCD panel consists of two rather delicate pieces of sodium-free glass material, called Substrates, with a layer of liquid crystal sandwiched between them. When the light beam passes through this layer of liquid crystal, the liquid crystal itself will stand in rows or twist in an irregular shape, thus blocking or allowing the light beam to pass through smoothly. Most liquid crystals are organic complexes made up of long rod-shaped molecules. In the natural state, the long axes of these rod-like molecules are roughly parallel. Pour liquid crystals into a well-machined slotted plane, and the liquid crystal molecules line up along the grooves, so if those grooves are perfectly parallel, the molecules are perfectly parallel too.

If you buy an LCD Display, you should know the quality of the LCD dispaly, so that it will be more convenient to buy. The above is the introduction of the principle of liquid crystal display to ensure the service life of the LCD display.

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