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Types and characteristics of LCD screens #TFT display #touch screen #LCD

July 29, 2023

Latest company news about Types and characteristics of LCD screens #TFT display #touch screen #LCD

Types and characteristics of LCD screens

LCD screen( TFT lcd dipslay) is a widely used display device in the field of modern electronic technology. It has the advantages of clarity, energy conservation, and thinness, so it is widely used in products such as POS(LCD display), facial recognition, mobile phones, computers, beauty instruments, etc. To learn more about LCD screens, please continue reading below.


1. TN screen

TN screen is a common type of LCD screen, which is characterized by fast response, high Refresh rate and low price. But the contrast and color performance are poor.


2. IPS screen (ips touch screen)

IPS screen is a mainstream type of LCD screen in recent years, which has the characteristics of wide viewing angle, bright colors, and high contrast. But the response speed is not as fast as TN screen, and the price is relatively expensive.


3. VA screen

The full name of VA screen is vertical alignment LCD screen. It is a high-performance LCD screen with better contrast and black performance than an IPS screen. But the viewing angle is narrow and the color performance is not as good as the IPS screen.


Overall, there are many types of LCD screens(Capacitive touch display) with their own characteristics, which are suitable for different usage needs in different scenarios. When purchasing electronic products, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the type of LCD screen based on the customer's actual use, budget, and other conditions.

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