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TFT LCD drive circuit diagram and structure

September 5, 2022

Latest company news about TFT LCD drive circuit diagram and structure

                                                                      TFT LCD drive circuit diagram and structure



LCD screen, its main function is to display images. It is used in all walks of life. Without it, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to our lives. Many people only know how to use LCD screens, but very few people will understand the tft LCD screen drive circuit diagram and structure, this article will share with the you about its circuit

A detailed introduction to the diagram and structure will let you know more about the TFT LCD screen.

There are many circuit parts in the TFT LCD screen, including the main circuit and the control circuit, and the TFT LCD screen driving circuit training is between the two, which plays a control role.


How to control it?


After our control circuit sends a signal, after this signal is sent, it is relatively small, so it needs to be amplified, and this control circuit is to achieve the effect of amplification, that is to say, amplify this signal, which After an amplification, it can drive the power transistor, also known as the control circuit.


Our partners who have studied electronics and electrical appliances should know it. For example, in our life, those audio systems also have a lot of power transistors in them, so they also need driving circuits.

The main function of the drive circuit is to transmit the signal sent by the electronic circuit and execute any requirements of the controller. As a part of the circuit of the control terminal and the common terminal of the power electronic device, it is somewhat similar to the function of a switch, such as turning on the light and turning it on.

It can realize two kinds of turn-on control signals and turn-off control signals, and can well realize any request of half-control and full-control devices.

Through the above figure, we found this TFT LCD DISPLAY drive circuit diagram, which is composed of 2 DC power supplies, voltage regulators, common electrode reference voltage generators, grayscale voltage generators, gate drivers, common electrode drivers, source electrodes drive combination.


TFT LCD screen structure

The main structure of the TFT LCD screen is also composed of many parts:

• Light diffuser: The main function is to spread the light from the backlight panel to each pixel evenly

• Row electrode: It is double called the gate bus, which is used to connect the gates of the thin film transistors in the pixel.

• Glass floor

• Light comes from backlight

• Column electrodes: drain busbars

• Polarizing glass plate1

• TFT (Thin Film Transistor): The main function is to be used as a switch. The thin film transistor is equivalent to a switch, which is turned on when power is turned on, and turned off when power is turned off.

• Transparent display electrode

• Transparent common electrode

• Color filter: It looks like a piece of glass from the outside, but it is not glass. If you want to see a colorful picture, such as pictures of people and animals, then you need to It can be realized by sandwiching a color filter between the common electrode and the polarizing glass plate 2 .

• Glass backplane: The main function is to act as an insulating layer.

• Polarizing glass plate 2


The components listed above are the components of the tft LCD screen structure, which seem to be quite complicated.



About TFT LCD drive circuit diagram and structure, this article will be shared here, if you need, TFT LCD screen development and customization, welcome to call our customer service, we can provide you with 24-hour service.


           September 5, 2022


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