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TCL Huaxing NTSC 110% Ultra High Color gamut LCD Display Technology

March 12, 2021

Latest company news about TCL Huaxing NTSC 110% Ultra High Color gamut LCD Display Technology

TCL Huaxing NTSC 110% Ultra High Color gamut LCD Display Technology

Recently, TCL Huaxing launched its own NTSC 110% ultra-high color gamut LCD display technology, which can effectively enhance the product color gamut, achieve more pure and bright color performance, and bring users a more real picture quality experience. This is a heavyweight achievement of TCL Huaxing in high color gamut technology, which shows TCL Huaxing's pursuit of color improvement of LCD mobile phone display screen and its leading level in high color gamut technology.


Color gamut (Color Gamut) is a method of color representation, which refers to the sum of colors that a technical system can produce. which is defined as the proportion of triangle area formed by RGB chromaticity coordinates and triangle area NTSC* international standard in the CIE-1931 coordinate system. Popularly speaking, the higher the color gamut, the more colors the display appears, and the more hierarchical the picture is, so that it can show more details and closer to the real effect.

Nowadays, the common color gamut of LCD mobile phone display screen is sRGB*(NTSC 70.8%), NTSC 85% and DCI-P3*(NTSC 96%), while OLED mobile phone display screen color gamut is mostly between NTSC 100%-110%, visual taste is more gorgeous than conventional mobile phones. With the development of display technology, the screen is no longer satisfied with the simple presentation of color, but more pursuit of color accuracy and color richness. At the same time, high-color domain can also become the selling point of mobile terminal propaganda, and thus attract consumers to buy. Market research found that most consumers experience too high gamut phones and then use low gamut products can clearly feel the gap between the two.

To bring consumers a more stunning visual experience, TCL Huaxing quickly launched NTSC 110% ultra-high gamut project, the goal is to upgrade the LCD gamut to NTSC 110%, superior to conventional color performance. After continuous exploration by R & D personnel, it is clear that based on the existing backlight, the green band peak in the backlight spectrum should be moved to a specific wavelength position by changing the LED phosphor material structure; At the same time, adjust the pigment ratio in the color film. Finally, after repeated experiments, the NTSC110% hyperchromatic panel was successfully developed.

The NTSC 110%、sRGB、DCI-P3 color gamut samples are compared visually together, and the color display can obviously feel the super high color gamut NTSC 110% the sample color is more pure and bright, and it is closer to the real color in nature. The successful development of NTSC 110% ultra-high color gamut LCD display technology marks TCL Huaxing has made a big step forward in the development of color gamut and is in the leading position in the LCD industry.

TCL Huaxing closely follow the pace of market development, prepare ahead of time, with its leading technology for high color domain to bring better solutions, help the rapid development of the industry. In the future, TCL Huaxing will continue to enhance the R & D on the display color gamut, make use of its own advantages, create a first-class display screen in the industry, and provide customers and consumers with better products and better experience.

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