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Properties of capacitive touch screen

April 1, 2022

Traditional resistive touch screens are considerably different from capacitive touch screens. When running, resistive touch screens can only judge one touch point at a time. If there are more than two points, a proper judgment cannot be formed.


As a result, resistive touch screens are only used for simple action decisions such as clicking, dragging, and a few others. While using a capacitive touch screen, the user's touch can be broken down into a series of multi-point signals and judgment signals, allowing for the completion of complex action judgement.


In truth, the touch screen's operating concept is essentially the same, whether it's a regular LCD screen or a transparent touch panel. The resistive and capacitive varieties are distinguished by their different operating principles.


The four types of touch screens currently in use are resistive touch panels, capacitive touch screens, infrared touch screens, and surface acoustic wave touch screens. Resistive touch screens, which are commonly utilized in mobile phones and portable digital items, are the ones we are most familiar with in real life.

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