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Origin of TFT LCD# Small lcd touch screen

March 10, 2023

Liquid crystal display:


 LCD  is an active matrix liquid crystal display driven by thin film transistor. It mainly uses electric current to stimulate liquid crystal molecules to produce dots, lines, and surfaces, which are combined with the back light tube to form a picture. IPS, TFT #LCD display  and SLCD are all subclasses of LCD. [1] Its working principle is that under the action of the electric field, the arrangement direction of the liquid crystal molecules is changed to make the light transmittance of the external light source change (modulate), and the electro-optical conversion is completed. Then, the different excitation of the R, G and B primary-color signals is used to complete the color reproduction in the time domain and space domain through the red, green and blue primary-color filter film.




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TFT LCD # LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) may be a new term for many users, but the history of this technology may be far beyond our imagination. As early as the end of the 19th century, Austrian botanists discovered liquid crystals, that is, liquid crystals. That is to say, a substance has both the fluidity of liquid and some arrangement characteristics similar to crystals. Under the action of electric field, the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules will change, thus affecting its optical properties. This phenomenon is called electro-optic effect. Using the electro-optic effect of liquid crystal, British scientists produced the first liquid crystal display (LCD) in the last century. [2] IPS lcd display# The first liquid crystal display device in the world appeared in the early 1970s and was called TN-LCD (twisted nematic) liquid crystal display. Although it is a monochrome display, it is still extended to electronic watches, calculators and other fields.




                       Writer: Tina 

                     March 10, 2023

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