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IT Panel Opportunities

April 14, 2021

Latest company news about IT Panel Opportunities

Ai media consulting said that in recent years popular style games, e-sports events are popular, e-sports industry ushered in a golden period. Although under the influence of the new crown epidemic situation, the development of the e-sports industry is blocked off the line, but the online market is growing rapidly with the help of live broadcast and short video platform, and the overall scale is still rising against the trend.

Benefiting from the booming e-sports market, TrendForce survey data show that e-sports liquid crystal displays shipped 18.4 million units in 2020, an increase of 105% over the same period last year; the growth trend is expected to continue in 2021, with shipments expected to reach 25.9 million units. The annual increase is 41.

With the e-sports market prosperity complement each other is the pen electricity product high-end wave brings the opportunity. During the past few years PC the market has developed steadily, and head manufacturers have been working on high-end products and markets to maintain their dominant position and growth rate. After the outbreak of the "home economy ", users online office habits gradually formed, but also stimulate the market demand for high-end pen electricity.

TCL Huaxing has seized the opportunity of LTPS panel in high-end pen power application and become the second largest panel manufacturer in the world. Omdia forecast that TCL Huaxing will ship 3.6 million laptop panels in 2021, an increase of 100 percent over the same period last year, while display panel shipments will reach 15 million, an increase of 213 percent over the same period last year.

LCD show that the industry is a key battle

For panel factory, the strategic significance of IT market is great. IT the size of the panel market, the current increment, and the relatively high premium of the product are all attracting panel manufacturers.

Judging from the shipping area of the panel, the IT panel accounts for about 18% of the total shipping area of the global panel, which is the second largest panel application market after the TV; secondly, from the price of the unit area, the output value of the IT panel unit area is higher. Especially driven by high-end pen power, IT panel revenue accounts for about 24% of global panel revenue.

The main suppliers of IT panels are Beijing and Oriental, LGDYouda, Qunchuang, Samsung display, TCL Huaxing, CLP Panda, Huike and other panel enterprises, the market pattern is generally more dispersed, the production capacity of high-end IT panels still has a large gap. The industry predicts that the future competition pattern is expected to be reshaped with the gradual weakening of the competitiveness of the existing IT old lines and the strong participation of panel giants such as TCL Huaxing.

As a matter of fact, on the whole, the global large size panel competition pattern has changed greatly in the past few years, and the convergence of the medium size market pattern and the large size competition pattern dominated by the IT panel will be only a matter of time.

Professional organizations predict that the current Chinese mainland panel capacity in the world is about 55%, the proportion is likely to continue to increase to more than 70% in the future. TCL Huaxing and Beijing Oriental as the leading Mainland panel factory, in addition to continue to consolidate and strengthen their position in the TV panel market, but also in the IT market to form a new extrusion pressure and challenge to the Korean panel enterprises.

TrendForce Jibang Consulting estimates that the IT market of the Chinese mainland panel factory is growing badly, with the market share of the display panel rising to 52 percent from 39 percent in 2020 and the pen panel market rising from 36 percent to 39 percent. Mainland panel leader in the IT market, although it will take some time, but the trend has become increasingly formed and clear direction.

TCL technology has been ranked second in the world in the TV panel market, with strong cost and benefit advantages, at the same time TCL Huaxing products production line growth rate to maintain the industry first, net profit margin in the industry leading level.

TCL successful experience and technology accumulation in the TV panel market may help it accelerate the expansion of the IT panel market. Predictably, IT panel production line, the layout of high-end IT panel business will further enhance the overall competitiveness of TCL technology in the global display industry.

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