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Inspection process for TFT-LCD high brightness LCD screen module

April 18, 2023

      The inspection of module engineering is a pre shipment inspection of the product, which is a complete product inspection. By conducting product inspections through module engineering, we aim to prevent defective products from entering the market. The inspection process for module engineering varies among different factories. Next, let's take a look at a basic engineering inspection process for high brightness LCD screen modules.


1. Display inspection


After voltage regulation and high-temperature aging, perform a display check first. When the display is found to be defective, roughly indicate the type of defect and submit it to the analyst for analysis and confirmation. The phenomenon of defects can be divided into the following types: line defects, point defects, uneven display, flicker, gray scale defects, crosstalk, ripple, display offset, display foreign objects, display abnormalities, and residual images.


2. Electrical characteristic inspection


The content of electrical characteristic inspection is: power supply current, power supply changes, and additional functions. The specific operation is to add voltage to the module product, put it in the display screen state, measure the current value, change the applied voltage, switch additional functions (such as screen reversal function), and observe whether the screen can be changed according to regulations.



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