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How to manage quality effectively

November 9, 2023

How to do quality control

The core of quality management is quality, basically full participation, the purpose is to satisfy our customers, and the ultimate goal is to form a long-term successful management path. Therefore, if we want to make products and services get customer satisfaction, we must mobilize all staff, take quality as the core, and find a set of long-term successful management quality way, this way is quality management.

latest company news about How to manage quality effectively  0This is CH240QV29B-T-PA product, the customer requires that the quality is zero missing line, we have passed the high and low temperature test for 72 hours and aging for 48 hours. Foreign body 0, poor function 0, poor appearance 0



The first step is to know the incoming material
The first step in quality management of incoming materials should be to understand where the incoming materials will be used in the product, what the impact is, and to understand what the customer's requirements for incoming materials are.


The second step is to choose the right supplier
The most important point of quality management of incoming materials is to choose the right supplier, choose the right supplier according to the raw material process and material, ensure the quality of raw materials and save costs. At the same time, the key points of raw material quality control should be informed to the raw material suppliers, and the key points and inspection methods of supplier control should be consistent with the company's IQC inspection methods and instruments, and the inspection specifications should be prepared.


The third step, supervise the supplier, ensure the quality of incoming materials
The quality management of incoming materials should also conduct regular inspection and counseling for each supplier, timely notify the raw material supplier for improvement and reply to the relevant 8D report in writing if any abnormality is found in incoming materials. To avoid the same mistakes in the future.





November 9, 2023

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