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Estimated shipments of 11.02 million QLED TVs and 7.1 million OLED TVs in 2021

July 1, 2021

Latest company news about Estimated shipments of 11.02 million QLED TVs and 7.1 million OLED TVs in 2021

Core reminder: According to a report released by the market research organization TrendForce, the shipment of mid-to-high-end QLED TVs this year will reach 11.02 million units, an increase of 22.4% over the previous year; the shipments of OLED TVs are expected to increase by 80% annually to 7.1 million units. Shipments of similar TV products will set new highs.

The analysis pointed out that in 2021, due to the continuous increase in the price of TV panels, the continuous price increase and shortage of related semiconductor components used for the whole machine will cause TV brands to reduce the scale of small and medium-sized product shipments and move to the lucrative large-size and medium-sized products. High-end products. This move also means that QLED and OLED TV shipments are expected to hit a record high. This is expected to be very profitable for the two Korean TV manufacturers Samsung Electronics and LG, which lead the high-end TV market.
Among them, Samsung Electronics lowered the price of QLED products on the one hand, and simultaneously launched a new series of Neo QLED 8K and Mini LED backlight products equipped with UHD. This move pushed QLED TVs to an annual growth of 17%, with shipments of 9.1 million units. peak. TrendForce predicts that Samsung Electronics will ship 1.5 million Mini LED backlight TVs, the main sizes are 65-inch and 55-inch, with shipments accounting for 33% and 30%, respectively.
In addition, TCL’s shipments this year are expected to reach 800,000 Mini LED-backlit TVs. In addition, as Xiaomi and LG Electronics also want to join the Mini LED backlight technology market, this year's Mini LED backlight TV shipments will increase to 3 million units.
In the field of OLED TVs, as OLED panels have substantially narrowed the price gap between products with the same specifications as LCDs, TV brands are more willing to expand the layout of OLED TV production lines under the premise of increasing profits. This year, LG Electronics is expected to maintain its No. 1 position in OLED TV shipments, accounting for more than 50% of the market. Sony followed closely with 20% of the market. Japanese brands such as Panasonic and Sharp, as well as mainland Chinese brands such as Skyworth, Hisense, and Xiaomi, are expected to grow in shipments.

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