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Brief introduction to the working principle of TFT LCD Display

April 16, 2022

LCD display can be seen everywhere in life. It can be said that our life today is inseparable from these advanced technologies. So do you know how the content on the TFT LCD screen is presented to us? Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the working principle of the TFT LCD screen.


1. The structure of LCD . LCD is the abbreviation of LCD. The LCD screen is mainly composed of a backlight plate, a polarizing plate at the top and bottom, a liquid crystal, a glass substrate, etc.

2. Color rendering principle: because the color filter is printed with RGB color blocks, when the light from the screen backlight passes through, the light first passes through the transparent TFT thin film transistor substrate, passes through the liquid crystal molecules, and then passes through the CF color filter. Affected by the different penetration rates of the liquid crystal molecules under each color block, the color blocks will emit different bright and dark red, green and blue, so as to mix together to display the required colors.



3. Liquid crystal, liquid crystal is a special substance. It has crystal anisotropy and liquid fluidity. Most liquid crystal molecules are rod molecules. Originally, they are liquid crystals with different directions. Under the action of different voltages, they show different optical characteristics, just like metals in a magnetic field. Under the influence of external electric field, liquid crystal molecules are also affected to a certain extent. Therefore, as long as we control the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules, we can control the direction of light passing through the liquid crystal. As shown in the figure:


4. Polarizer: there is a polarizer at the top and bottom of the LCD screen. They are perpendicular to each other. Under normal circumstances, they can't pass through light, but with liquid crystal in the middle of these two polarizers, everything is different. The liquid crystal molecules in the drawing below are arranged into a spiral line, which forms a rotating light, so that it can pass through the polarizer of the second layer and appear in front of the screen. As shown in the figure:


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