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BOE won the China Quality Award to achieve high-quality development driven by innovation

September 17, 2021

Latest company news about BOE won the China Quality Award to achieve high-quality development driven by innovation

Core Reminder: On September 16, 2021, the China Quality Conference will be held in Hangzhou. The China Quality Award ceremony, which represents the highest honor in the field of quality in my country, will be held at the same time. BOE relies on the quality management of "two-way drive'screen' quality win" The model stood out from nearly 700 acceptance units, won the China Quality Award, and reached a new peak in quality.
On September 16, 2021, the China Quality Conference was held in Hangzhou. The China Quality Award presentation ceremony, representing the highest honor in my country’s quality field, was held at the same time. Out of the 700 accepting units, it was awarded the China Quality Award, and it reached a new peak in quality.

At the opening speech of the conference, Liu Xiaodong, President of BOE, said: “This award is a high affirmation and great encouragement for BOE's quality work. In the future, we will take the highest honor of quality as a new starting point and give full play to the advantages of the “screen” platform. Global IoT innovation companies are accelerating their transformation, further exploring and innovating quality management methods, stimulating the development and growth of upstream industries, empowering downstream industries and application scenarios to be intelligent and digitally upgraded, and continue to promote high-quality development."

In recent years, the quality competitiveness of Chinese enterprises has continuously improved and gradually emerged on the global stage, and "Chinese quality" has frequently surprised the world. As a model of high-quality development, BOE, with its leading quality advantages and continuous innovation and breakthroughs, has led China's display to overcome obstacles and overcome the "pain of lack of screen", and realized that China's display industry has become a follower and a parallel runner. A historic shift to a global leader. According to data from Sigmaintell, in the first half of 2021, BOE's market share in the five mainstream markets of LCD smartphones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, and TVs has been ranked first in the world, with every four displays in the world One piece comes from BOE. Comprehensive quality is evaluated as the first by 32 core customers around the world, and presided over the formulation and revision of 78 international and national standards, and constantly set new standards in the industry with leading Chinese quality strength. Through independent management innovation, BOE has been supported by its own management practice experience, which has promoted the overall quality improvement of more than 2,000 partners, leading the world with a new "Chinese quality" standard. BOE has embarked on a path of high-quality development and is known as a "successful case of supply-side reform."

Under the guidance of the "high-quality development" strategy, BOE's quality, efficiency and management maturity are both at the leading level in the industry. With its original "two-way drive'screen' quality win" quality change management model, BOE has given a complete micro-interpretation of the quality change, and has now built the world's largest integrated design and development, production and distribution, industrial ecology, investment and financing The platform-integrated display company has industry-leading quality levels, benefits and management maturity, which confirms the advanced nature and effectiveness of the model. This model has achieved independent management innovation in various aspects such as technology research and development, intelligent quality manufacturing, and digital operation, forming the unique management practice of BOE.

In terms of technology research and development, BOE maintains a high proportion of its operating income as research and development investment every year. It has invested nearly 10 billion last year. At the same time, it actively establishes school-enterprise cooperation and collaborates with the world's top ecological chain partners to innovate. The cumulative number of patents available exceeds 7 10,000 pieces, more than 90% of the annual new patent applications for invention patents. Ranked among the world's top ten in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patent rankings for many consecutive years, achieving industry leadership in a number of display technologies such as 8K, flexible OLED, and MLED; in terms of intelligent quality manufacturing, BOE has been deployed throughout the country 16 semiconductor display production lines, while focusing on the innovation and transformation of the Internet of Things, building 4 smart factories extending to the downstream industry chain, realizing effective management and control of the quality of the entire business process, and meeting more than 1,800 types of products in more than 200 customers every month Delivery requirements; in terms of digital operations, through the construction of independent data centers and the connection of hundreds of information systems, the business flow, information flow, and capital flow in the fields of design, supply, production, sales, people, finance, and enterprises are realized The integration of the company has established a process-based, human-free, and efficient digital management system.

As the leader of the global semiconductor display industry, BOE has led China's display industry from 0 to 1 to forge a global display road, and has accelerated its transformation into a global IoT innovative enterprise with its deep technology accumulation. BOE IoT solutions for smart retail, smart finance, smart transportation, smart parks, smart education and other sub-scenarios are being integrated into all aspects of people's lives. BOE will use this award as an opportunity to actively promote the overall quality improvement of upstream and downstream industry chain partners, and at the same time promote industrial development with high-quality display advantages, empower thousands of IoT application scenarios, and brighten consumers with innovative results Quality of life.

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