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BOE released a new brand positioning, "Changing Life with Heart" to open up a bright future

October 14, 2021

Latest company news about BOE released a new brand positioning, "Changing Life with Heart" to open up a bright future

Core reminder: On October 12, BOE officially announced a comprehensive upgrade of its brand positioning, and released a new brand mission, brand principles and brand promises.
On October 12, BOE officially announced a comprehensive upgrade of its brand positioning, and released a new brand mission, brand principles and brand promises. This brand upgrade is based on the company's comprehensive transformation to the Internet of Things strategic background, inherits the core values ​​of the original brand, and takes "inheritance, innovation, and development" as the concept, and establishes "changing life with heart" as the company's brand mission for future development. The brand principle of "Technology leads product excellence, integration, symbiosis, and people-oriented" and the new brand promise have achieved a profound change and comprehensive renewal of the brand concept, presenting people with a more temperature-sensitive, more humanistic care, and more idealistic technology enterprise The image also marks that BOE (BOE) has entered a new stage of development in the transformation of the Internet of Things.

After 28 years of innovation and development, BOE has always focused on optimizing brand connotation and enhancing brand value, regardless of good times or bad times. So far, brand upgrading has become a key support for enterprise IoT transformation. Compared with the past, the new brand positioning released this time has newly added two distinct key elements of "integration and symbiosis" and "people-oriented". In terms of integration and symbiosis, BOE (BOE) fully opens its technology and application ends, builds an open and inclusive cooperation platform, and in-depth cooperation with upstream and downstream ecological partners in the industrial chain, and goes hand in hand to create an integrated and innovative industrial ecology, and continue to lead the industry in the future. The direction of development. In terms of people-oriented, with the diversified business development and continuous penetration of user life scenarios, BOE (BOE) deeply realizes that each technology company itself is first of all a "social cell", and long-term development should return to the original intention of entrepreneurship and the essence of business. Everything is based on customer value, serving the public with continuous technological innovation, integrating into life, changing life, and creating greater value for users.

"Changing life with heart" is established as BOE's new brand mission. It is not a simple brand-level upgrade, but a change under the new situation, which BOE (BOE) has sounded in the new historical development stage. Charge". The brand mission of "changing life with heart" represents on the one hand BOE (BOE) has always adhered to the original intention of starting a business, always upholding the intention of science and technology and the perseverance to continuously lead the development of the industry. In the course of 28 years of development, BOE (BOE) has always embraced ideals Perseverance and perseverance to the mission, firm the industry development line, develop and strengthen itself, as an industry leader, lead China's semiconductor display industry from scratch, from large to strong, and continue to lead the global industrial transformation. On the other hand, it represents BOE's courage to make breakthroughs and continuous innovation. For many years, BOE has always upheld respect for technology and persistence in innovation, and has won the respect of the world with its world-leading technology products. At the same time, as a builder of the IoT ecosystem, it empowers global partners through technical services and collaborative model innovation. The mission of "changing life with heart" also represents BOE's people-oriented development philosophy. BOE's innovative technology has always focused on user needs, focusing on the actual needs of everyone, with excellent technical products and the integration of software and hardware. The Internet of Things solution empowers finance, retail, transportation, medical and other fields, allowing technology to deeply integrate into all aspects of people's lives, and bring smarter and better life experiences.

In places where people can see, BOE (BOE) has a dazzling performance of 1 BOE (BOE) screen for every 4 smart display terminals in the world, which truly realizes "display everywhere"; 3290 handheld light and shadow screens are used. Present a world-renowned colorful chapter for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China; use the world's first CCTV Spring Festival Gala 8K ultra-high-definition live broadcast to bring an extremely shocking visual feast; use the smart retail services of more than 20,000 stores worldwide and more than 2,000 bank outlets across the country Smart financial services, smart transportation services for more than 80% of the country’s high-speed rail lines and 22 urban subway lines, and smart medical services brought by many digital hospitals across the country, moisturize things silently into every corner of people’s lives. In places where people cannot see, BOE has ideals and overcomes obstacles, leading China's display industry to break through blockades and barriers to the top of the world, becoming a powerful technological force that cannot be ignored and cannot be ignored in the global industrial structure. Now, BOE (BOE) is building an integrated and symbiotic IoT innovation ecosystem, driving the integrated development of upstream industries, empowering the intelligent transformation of downstream industries, and working with global partners to keep up with the new wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Resonance, rush forward.

This newly upgraded brand positioning embodies the accumulation and precipitation of BOE (BOE) 28 years of development. It is a precise integration of BOE (BOE) brand concept and IoT transformation strategy. It is BOE (BOE) to users and society. The solemn responsibility and commitment are also BOE's direction guide for subdividing application scenarios with the innovation road of "On-screen Internet of Things", and to work with thousands of people in the direction of a better future. BOE (BOE) is using innovative technology to let the world see that at every shining moment that has come, what people see and what they think is BOE (BOE). Change your life with your heart, BOE (BOE) is by your side.

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