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BOE (BOE) appeared at the CMEF medical exhibition, innovative models to shape the whole life cycle of smart health services

May 18, 2021

Summary: At the 2021 China International Medical Equipment Expo (CMEF), as a global Internet of Things innovative enterprise, BOE (BOE) made a strong debut with a variety of industry-leading products and solutions in the field of smart health and medical treatment, fully demonstrating its smart medical industry The strong strength and results of the business have refreshed the outside world.

At the 2021 China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), as a global Internet of Things innovative enterprise, BOE (BOE) made a strong debut with a variety of industry-leading products and solutions in the smart health and medical fields, fully demonstrating its smart medical industry The powerful strength and results have refreshed the outside world. During the exhibition, BOE (BOE) also explained its unique "3+3+3" innovation model formed after years of exploration in the medical and health industry for the first time, namely: integrating BOE (BOE) "Internet of Things technology, medical-industrial integration and The three core advantages of "medical ecological integration" are based on the three core concepts of "people-centered, life data, and prevention of disease" to open up the "prevention-diagnosis-rehabilitation" full-chain health management system, and rely on "digital health, digital hospital, health The three core businesses of "Technology" provide the public with full life cycle smart health services. While helping a healthy China, it also provides a new path for the global smart health industry to integrate technology and medical care.

Deepen the "3+3+3" model to escort the whole life cycle health management

Feng Qiang, senior vice president of BOE and CEO of Smart Medical Industry, said that technological innovation has become an important driving force for the development of the global health industry. BOE (BOE), as the world’s leading Internet of Things innovation company, starts from the health and happiness of human beings, and empowers medical-industry integration and innovation through its own accumulated core technology, creates an innovative smart medical-industry business, and builds an Internet of Things era. Smart health service system. It is understood that as an important part of BOE (BOE) "1+4+N" aircraft carrier business group, the smart medical industry has become one of the important innovation engines and growth points of BOE (BOE) IoT transformation.

BOE (BOE) has three unique core advantages in deploying smart medical industry: advanced IoT technology advantages, unique medical-industrial integration advantages, and strong medical resource integration capabilities, which provide a strong driver for its development in the health industry force. In terms of Internet of Things technology, BOE (BOE) has combined its core technologies such as display, sensing, artificial intelligence, and big data accumulated over the years with life technology, and has gradually built up health fields such as medical displays, microfluidic chips, and IoT data lakes. Technical advantages; in terms of medical-industry integration advantages, BOE (BOE) has deep industrial heritage and deep integration with the health industry, realizing multi-scenario integration of health management, technological product incubation, and clinical transformation applications; in terms of medical resource integration capabilities, BOE (BOE) ) Work with the world’s top resources to conduct research and promotion in the fields of chronic disease management, early cancer screening, regenerative medicine, gene technology, and health care services with governments, universities, research institutes, hospitals, innovative companies, etc., so as to build smart health New ecology.

If the three core advantages are the basis for BOE to build smart medical engineering, then the three core concepts of "people-centered, life data, and disease prevention" provide strategic support for BOE's smart medical engineering . Different from traditional medical care, BOE's smart medical industry builds a health IoT platform, establishes a data management system from life data collection, analysis to application, and builds a full life cycle and line of "prevention-diagnosis and treatment-rehabilitation". A health management system combining offline and online.

Smart medical industry has achieved fruitful results. A variety of cutting-edge health technology products are unveiled

With the theme of "Innovative Technology Leading the Future", CMEF attracted a total of 5,000 brand companies to participate in the exhibition. BOE (BOE) brought smart medical solutions, smart medical care solutions, smart first aid solutions, BOE health IoT management platform, IoT health equipment, glass-based microfluidic chips and other high-tech products to appear in a concentrated manner, attracting many The audience stops to experience.
The BOE (BOE) smart medical solution displayed this time uses the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data technology to build a health Internet of Things management platform, opens up hospitals, communities, homes and other scenarios, and uses Holter Recorder and Internet of Things blood pressure monitors. A variety of IoT medical and health products, such as, blood glucose meter, etc., realize the health management service of the whole cycle of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation Users can monitor health data at home in real time, remotely transmit them to communities and hospitals, and get instant data interpretation and analysis, AI risk disease prediction and other services.
At the exhibition site, BOE (BOE) also demonstrated a smart healthcare solution, which focuses on communities and families, providing various medical-grade, minimally invasive, and portable smart terminal equipment, as well as a health management system platform to connect customers with hospitals and public companies. The health platform and other institutions realize a network of "people-things-service". In the community scene, with the help of BOE (BOE) 3D intelligent health interactive terminal all-in-one, the on-site audience experienced visual and digital health data, and established a 3D health file with thousands of people. This interaction attracted many audiences to experience.

In addition, BOE (BOE) also brought black technology products such as flat-panel detector backplanes for medical imaging and glass-based microfluidic chips for gene sequencing and molecular diagnosis. Compared with traditional film or IP board, BOE (BOE) X-ray detector backplane is a fully digital design, imaging can be performed in less than 5 seconds, and at the same time, it has a lower radiation dose and higher imaging quality, which protects the health of doctors and patients. . At the same time, with 5G technology, it can realize remote medical treatment, AI medical treatment, big data diagnosis, etc.; BOE glass-based microfluidic chips rely on its superb glass processing and glass surface film processing technology, which has excellent processing accuracy, Good biological stability, excellent optical and thermal stability, can be applied to the fields of gene sequencing, gene analysis, cell screening, etc., can integrate the functions of the entire traditional biochemical laboratory on a micron-scale chip, which amazes the audience Endless.
Feng Qiang said that the global medical and healthcare industry is ushering in a new round of reforms. The 14th Five-Year Plan and the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline" point out that it is necessary to "permeate the whole life cycle health management concept into everything, and provide comprehensive and full cycle maintenance and protection. People's health". BOE's smart medical industry has always adhered to the combination of technology and medicine, making full use of digital, information, and intelligent technologies to build a full life cycle, offline and online health management system, so that consumers can see a doctor more conveniently and live Better.

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