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7 ways to maintain and maintain the LCD screen

November 3, 2022

Latest company news about 7 ways to maintain and maintain the LCD screen

Now is the era of LCD screens # TFT LCD module 2 #, many people will install several LCD screens in their homes, but some people still use the old black and white TVs, but modern LCD screens # 320 x 240 2" LCD display # are good-looking, but you know how to better maintain the LCD display screen? Of course, the maintenance method of each model will be different, then, the editor will teach you how to maintain and maintain the LCD screen.




一、Strictly prevent static electricity

The control and drive circuits in the module are low-voltage, micro-power CMOS circuits, which are easily broken down by static electricity. Electrostatic breakdown is a kind of irreparable damage, so be careful not to be careless. Therefore, care should be taken in operation, assembly and use, and static electricity should be strictly prevented. to this end:

1. The soldering iron used for welding must be well grounded and there is no leakage;

2. If direct touch # TFT 1.77 SPI # is necessary, the human body and the module should be well grounded, or the hand should be in contact with the faucet or the metal frame of the console to discharge;

3. Do not touch the outer leads, circuits and ICs on the circuit board with your hands.


二、Handling the protective film

A protective film is attached to the surface of the finished module to prevent contamination of the display # 1.77 inch tft # surface during assembly, so it should not be removed before the assembly of the whole machine is completed to avoid contamination or damage to the display surface.


三、Add padding


It is best to add a pad of about 0.1 mm between the module and the front panel, and the panel # display LCD TFT # should be kept flat to avoid distortion after assembly.



When welding the outer leads and interface circuits of the module, the following regulations should be followed.

1. Do not let the solder drip onto the circuit board of the LCD screen# 24 pin LCD # during soldering, otherwise the screen will display abnormally due to short circuit;

Soldering iron temperature: 280±10℃; welding time: 3-4S; welding material: eutectic, low melting point; repeated welding shall not exceed 3 times;

2. If the connection between the LCD module and other peripheral circuits requires welding or changing the original connector, please confirm that the LCD # 1.77 inch TFT # module has passed the quality inspection in advance;

3. Do not physically damage the LCD screen # 1.77 inch LCD manufacturers # and PCB, otherwise it will be irreparable.


五、Precautions during assembly operation

1. The installation hole must be grounded to prevent electromagnetic interference and external noise;

2. The metal frame claws shall not be twisted or disassembled at will; do not modify or process the shape of the PCB board, assembly holes, circuits and components at will; do not modify the conductive rubber strips at will; do not modify any internal brackets; moving module and backlight part, etc.;

3. The LCD module # vertical LCD screen # is carefully designed and assembled, please do not process or trim it by yourself.


六、Storage of modules


For long-term storage (eg several years), we recommend the following:

Put it in a polyethylene bag (preferably with anti-static coating) and seal the mouth; place it in a dark place to avoid strong light; never place anything on the surface; strictly avoid extreme temperature and humidity conditions and storage (for liquid crystals) Polarizers are afraid of high temperature and humidity).


七、the use and maintenance of the module


1. The outer leads of the liquid crystal module must not be connected incorrectly, otherwise it may cause damage to the components of the liquid crystal module such as overcurrent and overvoltage;

2. When the module # high brightness LCD # is used below the specified working temperature range, the display response is very slow, and when the module is used above the specified working temperature range, the entire display # 24 pin LCD display # surface will show a full display state. This phenomenon is not that the module is damaged, just restore to the specified range. Within the temperature range, everything will return to normal again. (It should not be used or stored beyond the storage limit temperature. If the temperature is lower than the crystallization temperature, the liquid will crystallize, destroy the orientation layer and make the device scrap; if the temperature is too high, the crystal will become an isotropic liquid, If the liquid crystal state is lost, the function of the liquid crystal device is also lost);

3. When the module is connected to the power supply and disconnected from the power supply # MCU module #, the signal level can only be input after the positive power supply (5±0.25V) is stably connected. If the signal level is input before the power supply stabilizes or after it is disconnected, it may damage the IC and other circuits in the module;

4. The contrast ratio and viewing angle of the dot matrix liquid crystal module have a great relationship with temperature and driving voltage. Therefore, if the VEE is adjusted too high, it will not only affect the display # 1.5inch TFT #, but also shorten the service life of the module;

5. When there are water droplets on the screen # 1.77 inch TFT #, wipe them off quickly: long-term contact with water droplets will cause the screen to change color or appear spots;

6. Do not bump the IC on the PCB on the back of the module to prevent adjacent pin pipelines;

7. Pressing the display part hard will produce abnormal display # high brightness display custom TN LCD #. At this time, cut off the power supply, wait for a while, and then power on again, that is, it will return to normal.

8. When there are stains on the screen # TFT MCU module display 24 pin LCD custom 24 pin display SPI 160x128 #, quickly wipe with absorbent cotton or other soft cloth.

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