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2.4 inch Sunlight Readable Touch Screen Display For SLR Camera

May 16, 2023

Latest company case about 2.4 inch Sunlight Readable Touch Screen Display For SLR Camera

Parameters of CH147QV03A-CT


Module name: 2.4 inch Sunlight Readable Touch Screen Display For SLR Camera
Module No: CH240QV58A-CTB
Display Mode: IPS/Transflective/Negative
Viewing Angle: free perspective
Resolution: 240*320 dots
Screen brightness: 150 cd/.m2
Color: 262K, 65K
Contrast: 800
lcd Driver IC:ST7789







Operating Temp: -20~+70
Storage Temp: -30~+80
luminance: 150cd/m2
FPC Pin Number: 50pin

Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC
Warranty: 12 months
Equipment used: smart watch







Description of CH147QV03A-CT


Chenghao Optoelectronic CH240QV58A-CTB is a 2.4-inch Sunlight Readable Touch Screen display module designed and customized for installation in single-lens reflex cameras. The module's most notable feature is the use of IPS/transflective/negative polarizer mode, which enables clear display of the screen in sunlight. Compared to traditional methods that improve screen visibility in sunlight by increasing screen brightness, Transflective technology not only avoids the high-power consumption problem caused by high backlight brightness, but also enables clearer display of the screen in sunlight.




CH240QV58A-CTB contains a TFT-LCD display and a touch glass cover, with the former responsible for displaying clear view content and the latter responsible for human-computer interaction. The TFT-LCD display has a 2.4-inch active display area that can display 240x320 pixels of view content. The display is backed by a backlight component that can generate a brightness of 150 cd/m2, which is mainly responsible for providing light to the LCD panel in low-light environments.




The touch glass cover contains a capacitive touch screen and a glass panel. The capacitive touch screen is responsible for providing touch feedback and sending touch signals to the external controller through the I2C interface. The glass panel is designed in accordance with user needs and is perfectly integrated with the TP and LCD display to form an installation device.

As a portable outdoor device, single-lens reflex cameras are affected by strong sunlight, which can make it difficult to read the screen. CH240QV58A-CTB has various excellent characteristics, including Sunlight readable, free field of view, and wide temperature range, which can perfectly solve the user's needs。













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