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Shenzhen Chenghao Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.--BOE (BOE) made a strong appearance with cutting-edge technologies in six fields

May 12, 2022

Latest company news about Shenzhen Chenghao Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.--BOE (BOE) made a strong appearance with cutting-edge technologies in six fields

Core Tip: On May 10, local time, the world-renowned International Display Week (SID Display Week 2022), known as the "Oscars" of the display industry, kicked off in San Jose, USA.
On May 10, local time, the world-renowned International Display Week (SID Display Week 2022), known as the "Oscars" of the display industry, kicked off in San Jose, USA.

This grand event coincides with the 60th anniversary celebration of SID. As a leading company in the global display field, BOE (BOE) brings a number of first technology products from the three major display technology brands of ADS Pro, f-OLED and α-MLED, as well as Metaverse, Glasses-free 3D, The three major new-generation cutting-edge applications, including the smart cockpit, have returned to the SID offline exhibition, presenting an unparalleled technological feast to the global audience, leading the industry's technology vane in an all-round way, and opening a new chapter in the industry development of "display everywhere".

ADS Pro: Ultra-high refresh rate to enjoy the ultimate pleasure

As a high-end LCD display technology solution independently developed by BOE, ADS Pro has leading advantages such as ultra-high refresh rate, full viewing angle, and hard screen touch. technical leadership in the field.

In the exhibition area, the 576Hz refresh rate 4K TV display product attracted the attention of many audiences at the scene. This product adopts BOE's self-developed screen and super division frequency technology, which can achieve 3000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio, which greatly improves the fineness of the picture. and fluency.

The notebook display with a refresh rate of up to 500+Hz adopts the leading oxide TFT technology and fast-response liquid crystal technology, which can simultaneously achieve a 1ms ultra-fast response, bringing a dynamic and extremely smooth experience without smearing.

In addition, the audience can also experience a series of ultra-high refresh rate display products such as 8K TVs with a refresh rate of 288Hz and monitors with a refresh rate of 500+Hz at the booth, and experience the visual shock brought by BOE's high-end LCD technology at close range.

f-OLED: Free form opens up infinite imagination

f-OLED represents BOE's unique high-end flexible OLED technology solution, which can not only present a variety of new forms such as full-screen, folding, and curling, but also realize multi-functional wisdom such as under-screen fingerprint recognition, under-screen camera, and biometric identification. Integration releases the huge imagination and infinite expansion space of flexible display.

In the f-OLED exhibition area, BOE showcased the largest 95-inch 8K OLED display at present. It adopts oxide technology and white light OLED evaporation process to achieve pixel-level light control and extreme dark display, bringing perfect HDR effect. It shows the leading technical strength in the field of large-size OLED.
BOE's first 17.3-inch foldable OLED notebook product also made the audience stop and experience it. The screen of this product has a DCI-P3 color gamut of up to 100%, and the body is extremely thin and light. Currently, it has been exclusively supplied and shipped by ASUS.
The first smart watch with integrated NFC function, its 1.57-inch OLED display can realize the free reading and simulation of IC card data. At present, BOE has cooperated with many global first-line brands in the field of wearable display such as smart watches and smart bracelets. Customers reach cooperation.
In addition, the industry's first integrated touch function, flexible and transparent OLED display that can be attached to curved surfaces, 360° internal and external bidirectional folding, "Z"-shaped tri-fold display, sliding scroll display, wristband mobile phone, vehicle display and other multi-modal and multi-functional integration The flexible display products of the company have brought a new experience with a very futuristic sense.
α-MLED: Full-scene experience blooms dazzling vision

α-MLED represents a new glass-based active LED display system and solution pioneered by BOE, which not only achieves extremely delicate picture quality performance, but also presents users with an immersive experience of the whole scene.

BOE demonstrated the first Mini LED product that has achieved commercial mass production. This 86-inch 4K glass-based active-driven MLED backlight TV can achieve an industry-leading 1500nits extreme brightness, and over 2000 zones can achieve fine light control. It has been applied In Skyworth high-end TV.

The world's first P0.9 glass-based active drive MLED direct display product can achieve 1000nits ultra-high peak brightness and million-level ultra-high contrast, and uses active constant current drive to achieve extremely low flicker, protecting eye health to the greatest extent.
In recent years, BOE has made frequent efforts in the field of MLED. For display products in the fields of TV, commercial display, notebook computer, e-sports display, Mini LED backlight VR and other fields, it has cooperated with leading customers in the industry and continued to expand wider application space.

Metaverse, naked-eye 3D, smart cockpit: embracing the new future of immersive interaction

While continuously breaking through the ultimate visual experience of display products, BOE has further integrated more functions, derived more forms, and placed more scenes for the screen, and continued to explore new application scenarios of display technology with immersive interactive experience.
In the past two years, the Metaverse has attracted much attention and has become a new application field with great imagination. VR/AR is also considered to be the best entrance to the Metaverse. In this exhibition, BOE specially created the metaverse exhibition area, bringing a variety of exciting VR/AR display products.

The dynamic frame rate VR head-mounted display device first launched by BOE can realize the adaptive adjustment of the display frame rate, greatly improving the display fluency; the 1500 ultra-high PPI VR head-mounted display device is equipped with a full field of view high-definition high-efficiency optical system, combined with interpupillary diopter The dual adjustment function greatly optimizes the visual effect of the head-mounted display device and brings a new experience of virtual reality with a great sense of immersion.
The smart cockpit is another futuristic and innovative experience area created by BOE on site. In the cockpit, the instrument panel can not only realize naked-eye 3D visual effects, but also have tactile feedback function, which can realize floating touch interaction; the intelligent photosensitive multi-screen mounted in the car can also intelligently adjust the brightness according to the environment, bringing new wisdom. Driving experience.

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