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LCD industrial LCD screen processing flow

September 16, 2022

LCD industrial LCD screen processing flow


In the use of our manufacturers, it is often found that the LCD #10.1 inch LCD module# screen has a crashed screen # LCD touch screen display panel# failure. The industrial LCD #LCD smart digital display control# screen crash screen failure phenomenon may have images on the screen #LCD display touch screen#, but the images are covered with dots, flakes, mosaics and other disturbances, which have a great impact on our production. Today I will teach you how to deal with the fault of industrial LCD screen #waterproof LCD screen#:


LCD industrial LCD screen #WIFI small lcd screen# crash screen #5.5 inch LCD display with control board# processing method


1.The problem of industrial LCD screen #TFT display 5.5 inch# cable is whether the cable connecting the screen #5.5 inch LCD # and the motherboard is burnt or loose, and the interface should be plugged tightly to avoid short circuit or poor contact. In this case, just change the cable.


2. Use a multimeter to detect whether the power supply of the LCD screen # LCD panel control board# is grounded. The screen # LCD screen display panel# may become crash due to this reason. If there is a problem, ground the power supply. 3. Whether the LCD motherboard is broken, you can change the motherboard, but this probability is relatively small, but it is not ruled out, you can try it by changing the motherboard.


4. If the fault phenomenon of industrial LCD screen is blurry screen from time to time, the image in the middle of the screen # LCD smart touchscreen panel# is mixed with many small color dots. Corresponding maintenance ideas: LVDS patch cord is in poor contact.


5. If the industrial LCD screen # LCD display with controller# of crash screen # LCD touch control panel# fault phenomenon is repeatedly powered on, the stripes and colors of the crashes will change. Check the logic board.


6. If the industrial LCD screen crash screen #serial LCD module screen# fault phenomenon is repeatedly powered on, the stripe and color of the crash will not change. Corresponding maintenance ideas: It is very likely that the screen #10.1 LCD screen# itself is broken.


7. If the fault phenomenon of industrial LCD screen #TFF LCD display 10.1# is blurred, if there is interference in the image, there is also interference in the characters. Corresponding ideas: logic board, screen #customized available 10.1 inch TFT LCD for POS# signal connection, digital board signal output circuit.


8. If the industrial LCD screen #5 inch LCD module# is blurred, if the characters are normal, the image has block and point interference. YPbPr input signal, no interference. Then input from the AV port, the picture is disturbed. Corresponding maintenance ideas: frame memory false welding, image enhancement processing IC control signal line is broken.




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