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Cooperate with customers to customize TFT LCD PLAY SCREEN for children's toys

May 20, 2021

Latest company case about Cooperate with customers to customize TFT LCD PLAY SCREEN for children's toys

Cooperate With Customers To Customize TFT LCD PLAY SCREEN For Children's Toys

1.General Information Of TFT LCD Diaplay For Toy


LCD type 4.3’’TFT --
Dot arrangement 480(RGB)×272 dots
Color filter array RGB vertical stripe --
Display mode TN / Transmission / Normally White --
Viewing Direction 12 o’clock --
Gray Scale Inversion Direction 6 o’clock --
Driver IC   --
Module size 105.5(W)×67.2(H)×4.1(T) mm
Active area 95.04(W)×53.856(H) mm
Dot pitch 0.198 (W)×0.198 (H) mm
Interface 24-bit Parallel RGB Interface --
Operating temperature -20 ~ +70
Storage temperature -30 ~ +80 --
Back Light 7 White LED
Weight TBD --


6.STORAGE TEMP: -30°C~+80°C





2.Interface Description


Pin Symbol Description.
1 VLED- LED backlight (Cathode).
2 VLED+ LED backlight (Anode).
3 GND Ground.
4 VDD Power supply.
5~12 R0~R7 Red Data.
13~20 G0~G7 Green Data.
21~28 B0~B7 Blue Data.
29 GND Ground.
30 PCLK Dot clock signal input. Latching input data at its rising edge.
31 DISP Display on/off.
32 HSYNC Horizontal sync input. Negative polarity.
33 VSYNC Vertical sync input. Negative polarity.
34 DE Data enable input. Active high to enable the input data bus.
35 NC NC.
36 GND Ground.
37 XR TP Right.
38 YD TP Bottom.
39 XL TP Left.
40 YU TP Up.




3.Absolute Maximum Ratings



Item Symbol Min. Max. Unit
Analog Supply Voltage VDD -0.3 5 V
Input Voltage Vin -0.3 VDD+0.3 V
Operating Temperature TOP -20 70 °C
Storage Temperature TST -30 80 °C
Storage Humidity HD 20 90 %RH



4.DC Characteristics



Item Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Remark
Analog Supply Voltage VDD 3 3.3 3.6 V -
Input High Voltage VIH 0.7VDD - VDD V Digital input pins
Input Low Voltage VIL GND - 0.3VDD V Digital input pins
Output High Voltage VOH VDD-0.4 - VDD V Digital output pins
Output Low Voltage VOL GND - VDD+0.4 V Digital output pins
I/O Leak Current ILI -1 - 1 uA -


5.Timing Characteristics

      Power ON Sequence

6.Power OFF Sequence

7.Backlight Charasterics


Item Symbol MIN TYP MAX UNIT Test Condition
Supply Voltage Vf 20.3 22.4 24.5 V If=20mA
Supply Current If - 20 30 mA -
Luminous Intensity
for LCM
- 150 200 - Cd/m2 If=20mA
Uniformity for LCM - 80 - - If=20mA
Life Time - 20000 - - Hr If=20mA
Backlight Color White


8.Handling Precautions
     (1) Mounting method

        The LCD panel of SC LCD module consists of two thin glass plates with polarizes which
easily be damaged. And since the module in so constructed as to be fixed by utilizing fitting holes
in the printed circuit board.
Extreme care should be needed when handling the LCD modules.


   (2) Caution of LCD handling and cleaning
         When cleaning the display surface, Use soft cloth with solvent
[recommended below] and wipe lightly

       Isopropyl alcohol
       Ethyl alcohol
         Do not wipe the display surface with dry or hard materials that will damage the polarizer
         Do not use the following solvent:

        Water
        Aromatics
         Do not wipe ITO pad area with the dry or hard materials that will damage the ITO patterns
         Do not use the following solvent on the pad or prevent it from being contaminated:

        Soldering flux
        Chlorine (Cl) , Salfur (S)
         If goods were sent without being sili8con coated on the pad, ITO patterns could be damaged
due to the corrosion as time goes on.
         If ITO corrosion happen by miss-handling or using some materials such as Chlorine (CI),
Salfur (S) from customer, Responsibility is on customer.

   (3) Caution against static charge

         The LCD module use C-MOS LSI drivers, so we recommended that you:
Connect any unused input terminal to Vdd or Vss, do not input any signals before power is
turned on, and ground your body, work/assembly areas, assembly equipment to protect against
static electricity

   (4) packing
     Module employ LCD elements and must be treated as such.
      Avoid intense shock and falls from a height.
      To prevent modules from degradation, do not operate or store them exposed direct to
sunshine or high temperature/humidity

   (5) Caution for operation

        It is an indispensable condition to drive LCD’s within the specified voltage limit since the
higher voltage then the limit cause the shorter LCD life.

      An electrochemical reaction due to direct current causes LCD’s undesirable deterioration, so
that the use of direct current drive should be avoided.

      Response time will be extremely delayed at lower temperature then the operating
temperature range and on the other hand at higher temperature LCD’s how dark color in
them. However those phenomena do not mean malfunction or out of order with LCD’s,
which will come back in the specified operation temperature.

      If the display area is pushed hard during operation, some font will be abnormally displayed
but it resumes normal condition after turning off once.

      A slight dew depositing on terminals is a cause for electro-chemical reaction resulting in
terminal open circuit.
Usage under the maximum operating temperature, 50%Rh or less is required.

   (6) storage

        In the case of storing for a long period of time for instance, for years for the purpose or
replacement use, the following ways are recommended.

     Storage in a polyethylene bag with the opening sealed so as not to enter fresh air outside in it .

And with no desiccant.
     Placing in a dark place where neither exposure to direct sunlight nor light’s keeping the
storage temperature range.

     Storing with no touch on polarizer surface by the anything else.
[It is recommended to store them as they have been contained in the inner container at the time of delivery from us

   (7) Safety
    It is recommendable to crash damaged or unnecessary LCD’s into pieces and wash off liquid
crystal by either of solvents such as acetone and ethanol, which should be burned up later.

     When any liquid leaked out of a damaged glass cell comes in contact with your hands, please
wash it off well with soap and water



   Information about CH430WQ08-FPC-CTFT LCD Display



         MODEL NO.


         Module type 4.3"TFT + RTP
         Display Mode TN / Transmissive / Normally White
         Number of Dots 480*3(RGB)*272
         Viewing Direction 12 o'clock
         Module size 105.5(W)*67.2(H)*4.1(T)mm
         TFT Active area 95.04(W)*53.856(H)mm
         Interface RGB
         Luminace 300cd/m2












































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