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7 inch TFT LCD Touchscreen Display Module For Underground Station Gate

May 31, 2022

Latest company case about 7 inch TFT LCD Touchscreen Display Module For Underground Station Gate

Chenghao's LCD displays are widely used in many industries, not only in most industrial equipment, but also

in daily life, such as coffee machines, car navigation, medical equipment, etc. It is also used in the entrance

and exit access control systems of airports and subway stations.


CH700WV01E-CTD is a customized TFT LCD Touchscreen Display Module integrated into Access control identification equipment,

which mainly includes a TFT LCD Panel, a capacitive touch panel, a cover plate, backlight components, driver

IC and FPC, etc.




This TFT LCD has a 7.0” ( horizontal screen ) diagonally measured active display area with 800*480 dot

resolution. The driver can display 16M colors by R.G.B. signal input and is mounted on the glass and the

interconnection via FPC including components to drive the display module. 8 bit MCU interface is supported.

In addition, FPC can also be customized according to customer requirements, such as modifying back-light

and FPC structure, interface definition, etc.

RoHS Compliance & Halogen Free.

If the CH700WV01E-CTD does not meet your project needs, we have many similar standard products for

you to choose from, please contact us for more product information.



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