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1.47 inch Smart Watch Display Screen

May 16, 2023

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CH147QV03A-CT Description


Chenghao Optoelectronic CH147QV03A-CT is a 1.47-inch outdoor touch screen display module designed specifically for use in smart watches. The display module consists of a TFT LCD display and a touch glass cover, with the former responsible for displaying bright and clear view content and the latter responsible for completing the human-computer interaction process.






For portable devices such as smart watches, issues such as poor visibility in sunlight and limited viewing angles directly affect user experience. The TFT LCD display features a 1.47-inch color display area and can display view content with 172x320 pixels and 262K/65K colors.




The IPS display mode design enables the monitor screen to have an ultra-high contrast and an ultra-wide viewing angle, and the 700 cd/m2 backlight is enough to ensure clear visibility even in sunlight, solving the issues mentioned above.






In addition, CH147QV3A-CT has the characteristics of resistance to wide temperature, allowing it to run smoothly in environments ranging from -20°C to 70°C. The long working life (>50000H) better meets users' high requirements and significantly increases the value of the device.

For most touch screen display products, sensitive touch feedback is a key factor in measuring their value. CH147QV03A-CT uses a high-performance FT6336U as its driving IC, and uses I2C as the protocol for communication with external devices. These features greatly improve the sensitivity of touch feedback.





Parameters of CH147QV03A-CT


Module name: 1.47 inch touch screen lcd display module
Module No: CH147QV03A-CT
Viewing Angle: free perspective
Resolution: 172*320
Touch panel Type: Capacitive touch panel
Touch panel type interface: I2C
Screen brightness: 700 cd/.m2

Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC
Warranty: 12 months
Equipment used: smart watch


Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC
Warranty: 12 months
Support customized service


Features of CH147QV03A-CT

1. Sunlight Readable
2. Can support wide temperature environment
3. Support free viewing angle
4. Support human-computer interaction



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